Monday, January 11, 2010

World of Tea 10

An underdog going up against giants? Now there's a notion that's sure to grab your attention. Take, for example, A Sri Lankan Underdog Battles Global Tea Giants, a recent article from the New York Times that looks at Sri Lanka's Dilmah Tea.

In contrast to Sri Lanka, which has long been a thriving center for tea production, Russia has, for many centuries, been a hotbed of tea consumption. Here's an interesting post from Gongfu Girl about Russian tea.

If we hear any news about Iran these days it tends not to be very good. But they do drink tea there, and, if this article is any indication, you'd better not try serving tea to an Iranian without a respectable selection of sugar on hand.

Indonesia is probably better known for coffee than tea. Here's a report on a initiative there to attempt to reverse that trend.

Last up, if you'd like to check out the tea scene in a place where it's almost as critical to daily life as breathing, check out a Tea in London tour. The next one is scheduled for September 13-18, 2010 and includes an optional full-day Tea Masterclass with tea expert Jane Pettigrew.

Stay tuned for more World of Tea, an occasional feature that gathers tea-related dispatches from around the globe.

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Lisa said...

Awesome! I love it too "ETHICAL TRADE"

Margaret said...

I've actually been working on a long term journalistic project about Dilmah Tea on Tea Examiner. So far I've only posted two reviews of their high-grown Ceylon teas, but I have four more coming up and an article about the school of tea they've opened.
I've been quite impressed with the flavors of the teas. Their Lover's Leap has the delicate color and fruitiness of a Darjeeling while retaining the fuller bodied flavor of a Ceylon as a sort of background note. I found it such an intriguing experience that I drank about a fourth of the tea the sent me before I was able to write about it. I hadn't tasted anything else I could compare with it.