Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tea Social Networking Sites

Here are a few tea-related social networking sites, aside from such obvious suspects as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. And don't forget about our Tea Blog List, which currently numbers almost 300 blogs.

Hot For Tea
A Social Networking Web Site For Tea Lovers From Around The World

International Tea Sippers Society
The International Tea Sippers Society is an opportunity for tea lovers to discover fun, value and the latest trends in the World of Tea.

New Zealand Tea Lovers
A place to meet fellow tea lovers from New Zealand and beyond to exchange experiences & tips, arrange tea meetings and discuss tea

Three dudes in New York City built this site as a way of keeping track of the teas they were drinking. Since then, it's turned into one of the liveliest tea communities on the Web.

Tea Appreciation Society
The Tea Appreciation Society was originally set up in 2007 by a small group of designers, since then it has grown into a wonderful worldwide collective of tea lovers, many of whom are artists, musicians, photographers and other creative types.

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VeeTea said...

Thanks for the list! There are also a few forums worth noting, like The Tea Roundtable and's Coffee/Tea Forum (which I moderate).