Friday, March 19, 2010

Mediocritea & Sissy Tea

A frequent theme here at TGS has been the notion that, when it comes to tea, to a large extent, one gets what one pays for. We've even tried to encapsulate this notion in our pithy motto - Life's Short. Drink Good Tea.

Which, for my money, means that you shouldn't be afraid to spend a little bit more money in the pursuit of a really good cup of tea. When you break down the cost per cup for even a batch of very pricey tea, it's probably not going to seem nearly as costly as you first thought.

For some thoughts more or less along these lines - and more eloquently stated, to boot - check out this post on Mediocritea, by the tea guy behind Seven Cups, who specialize in fine Chinese teas.

On a totally different tangent - is tea for sissies? Well, I'd sure like to think not, but I guess I can sort of understand what the author of this brief piece is getting at. Tea's image has been morphing in recent years but the word still conjures up images of blue hair, red hats and the like.

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Sunil said...

Bill, if tea is for sissies, I would invite some of the macho to try out a cup full of green tea brewed for a couple of minutes. If they are not retching out their coffee strengthened guts, I'll be shocked. Personally, I would never encourage anyone to misuse tea this way, but simply because coffee has a bolder liquor or stronger aroma doesn't make it a "man's drink", nor does tea a drink of sissies. I like to think that like wine, tea is the drink of sophisticated amongst us!