Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Teavana Debuts iPhone App

Teavana Debuts Perfect Tea Touch App For iPhone
(from a press release)

Make the perfect cup of tea with Teavana’s Perfect Tea Touch app. The Perfect Touch iPhone App provides everything needed to enjoy Teavana’s fine loose leaf tea, create a perfect tea blend, make a perfect cup of tea, find a local Teavana store, shop on the website, and share favorites through social networking sites and email.

Teavana's Perfect Tea Touch iPhone app times your steep with music and graphics.

The app features:
A tea timer with specific instructions for Teavana teas or generic tea instructions.
A tea blending tool that suggests other teas to blend with favorites. A great way to discover new tastes!
Detailed information on Teavana teas including ingredients, steeping instructions and health benefits.
A ‘favorites’ function to bookmark Teavana tea information for quick access anytime.
A store locator that finds the Teavana stores nearest you.
A musical tea timer offering unique sounds depending for each type of tea steeped.
A social networking function, allowing sharing of favorite tea blends on Facebook, Twitter or via email with friends.

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Marlena said...

OK, tea has made it into the big time.