Saturday, May 01, 2010

Waterbed Store/Tea House & Panda Tea

It's one of the world's oldest waterbed stores and one of the oldest futon sellers in the United States (well, someone has to be). Now the oddly named Temple Slug, located in Kansas City, has branched out and added a teahouse to the premises. Well, sure. Why not?

It's probably a pretty good bet that tea that's touted as being monkey-picked is not actually picked by our fine simian cousins. But it makes for a snappy name and a nice legend to grab people's attention.

Over at the Tea Trekker's blog recently they went one step further and wrote about Panda Picked Tea. Apparently a bunch of pandas went on a rampage recently, tearing up tea bushes and leaving workers there frantically scrambling to salvage some of the tea leaves. Sound a little farfetched? Well, it wouldn't be right there in print on the Internet if it weren't true.

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Unknown said...

I am flying to KC as soon as I can.

Have to see this place. Thanks for posting this.