Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yerba Mate, Yaupon & Rooibos

Here are a few bits from our Tea-like Substances That Are Not Camellia Sinensis bureau.

When it comes to the yerba mate market in these here United States it would seem that Guayaki has got a large chunk of it. But it's not all about money for this bunch of mate purveyors, at least not according to co-founder, Chris Mann, who recently shared some thoughts about other motivations for being in business.

If memory serves me right, Guayaki also operates a yerba mate cafe - appropriately enough. They are joined in this unusual venture by the Top Leaf Mate Bar, in Bend, Oregon. More about the latter here.

Yaupon tea is a new one on me. If you're also in the dark and you'd like to know what it is, check out an article that recently appeared in the The Gainesville Sun.

Looking for a Quick Fruit Loaf recipe that uses rooibos tea? You're in luck.

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