Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Loose Tea Company Wins Award For Tea Infuser

Loose Tea Company Wins “Best Innovation” Award for Patent-Pending To-Go Tea Infuser
(from a press release)

The Tea Spot, Inc. has received a US Patent Pending for their new ecosteep tea infuser, being introduced this week at the World Tea Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ecosteep® won “Best New Product” in the Innovation category of the 2010 World Tea Expo’s New Product Awards.

Ecosteep, the newest Steepware innovation in tea accessories by The Tea Spot, is the sustainable alternative to the tea bag for carry-out loose tea service. This bio-based loose-leaf tea infuser fits in standard to-go cups and allows tea leaves ample room to steep to their full volume, flavor, and aroma potential. Ecosteep® is made with renewable, non-GMO, plant-based material and is compostable.

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Jean said...

I rarely use tea bags and would be interested in seeing one of these infusers. Think I'd still want to stick with my stainless steel infusers for everyday use.