Sunday, July 18, 2010

World Of Tea 14

How much do the British pay for a cup of tea? As this article in the Guardian noted, "The consumer group Which? looked at the prices of takeaway tea at nine major retail outlets and found Britons are being charged as much as £1.65 a time to enjoy their favourite hot drink."

The Chicago Tea Garden claims to be the first to import New Zealand tea to the United States. The tea is produced by Zealong and you can find out more about the venture in this press release.

Speaking of New Zealand, if you're not sure what tea caddies are or what would motivate someone to collect more than 3,000 of them, refer to this article from the New Zealand press.

While places like China, India and Japan get more notice for being tea producers Africa also turns out a considerable quantity of the stuff. Here's a good overview of African tea production from the UK Tea Council.

Also from the UK Tea Council, a rundown of Scotland's Top Tearooms.

From Fresh Cup, a trade magazine for the tea and coffee industries, here's an article in which a "future tearoom owner talks about traveling to Taiwan to find inspiration at the source."

Stay tuned for more World of Tea, an occasional feature that gathers tea-related dispatches from around the globe.

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Margaret Studer said...

The Zealong Pure is actually quite nice. I reviewed it on Tea Examiner.
I photographed all of the stages of the tea if you would like to take a look.

The wet leaf has full leaves still attached to the stem.