Thursday, August 12, 2010

Salada Announces Spokesperson Search Winner

Salada Tea Announces Winner Of First-Ever Nationwide Consumer Spokesperson Search
(from a press release)

Salada Tea, the company that encourages tea drinkers to switch from bottled tea to freshly brewed tea made with tea bags because of the wellness, environmental and cost benefits, has announced the winner of the nationwide search for its first-ever consumer spokesperson. Clinical nutritionist Tara Coleman, from San Diego, Calif., will help spread Salada’s “Unbottle Your Tea” message through tips and suggestions for living an all-natural lifestyle. She will be blogging, tweeting and attending health and environmentally focused events across the country, for which she will be awarded $10,000.

Between May 3 and June 13, 2010, nutritionists, trainers, fitness instructors and tea lovers from across the country visited the Unbottle Your Tea Web site to submit an entry form and upload a video explaining why they were the perfect choice for the spokesperson job. The submissions were then narrowed down to the top 10 finalists. America was invited to visit the website, review their entry videos and vote for their favorite through Aug. 1, 2010.

Coleman, a 32-year-old clinical nutritionist, received the most votes for her creative submission video about incorporating tea into her everyday activities like shopping, jogging and yoga, earning her the spokesperson title. Coleman currently owns her own nutrition consulting company and regularly creates customized eating plans for her clients. She provides tips on eating well on a budget and believes that small, realistic steps are the best way to achieve large wellness goals. Her submission video can be viewed here.

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