Saturday, September 18, 2010

CrafTea Designs' New Product Lines

To a Tea: CrafTea Designs To Introduce New Product Lines

Following a successful year of operations for Tea Dyed Tees, a specialty apparel and accessories business, tea industry publisher and entrepreneur Janis Badarau has re-branded the company as CrafTea Designs.

The new name reflects the company's diversification into additional tea-related gift products.

Amongst the new product lines, which will be introduced in time for holiday shopping, are tea-dyed ribbons of lace and embellished fabric; origami teapot jewlery; and tea leaf bead jewelry.

All products are completely hand-crafted, all-natural, and eco-friendly.

Based in Lavonia, Georgia, Badarau is best known among specialty tea professionals for her online publications The Cat-Tea Corner and TeaGuide Worldwide Tea Directory. But on the side, she has perfected a method for dyeing clothing and accessories with tea. These products are offered to the public and trade via Tea Dyed Tees website.


Image: Tea Dyed Teas

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