Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Website Helps Take Tea Lovers to the Gardens

New two leaves and a bud Website Helps Take Tea Lovers to the Gardens
(from a press relase)

Two leaves and a bud tea co. has launched a new website aimed at helping tea drinkers experience the company’s travels to tea gardens around the world.

The tea company wanted to bring its journeys abroad back to tea fans on its website, using real photographs taken during trips to tea gardens. “We go to the tea gardens, and we realized that our site was the primary vehicle for our customers to go there with us,” says Phil Edelstein, marketing director for two leaves and a bud. “The background photo of the site rotates randomly with each new visit, so the site feels like a fresh journey to the gardens each time.”

Other new site features include a reward points program for frequent cuppers, along with a referral program, integration with Facebook’s “like” button, and a running feed for Twitter, Facebook, tea reviews and the company’s blog.

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Alex Zorach said...

And, brilliantly, they kept the same URL scheme. Kudos to them! This can be tough to do with a thorough site redesign, but it ultimately helps bloggers and webmasters who have linked to individual teas!