Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Celestial Seasonings Reissues Fast Lane

News flash! Fast Lane is back – but only for a limited time!
(from a press release)

Tea drinkers asked for it and Celestial Seasonings® listened. The legendary Fast Lane high-energy caffeinated black tea is available again for a limited time. Fast Lane tea can’t be found in stores – only by the case online or at the Celestial Seasonings Tea Shop in Boulder, Colorado. We hope you will consider sharing this information with your readers and are happy to provide you with a sample for review.

Fast Lane high-energy caffeinated black tea is an all-natural blend that starts with choice black teas from the Indonesian island of Java. It is blended with extra caffeine, cola nut and a special variety of ginseng called eleuthero to create a tea with an extraordinary kick. Spicy cinnamon and nutmeg are added for a unique flavor that’s a welcome break from coffee.

With several Facebook fan pages dedicated to Fast Lane and nearly 2,000 signatures on an Online Petition to bring it back, there’s no denying Fast Lane’s popularity. This limited run is sure to go fast.

For more information about the limited run of Fast Lane, please visit www.fastlanetea.com.

Image: Celestial Seasonings

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Filter Fans For Clear Tea

Filter Fans For Clear Tea. Simply Practical...
(from a press release)

As tea connoisseurs already know, a good cup of tea calls for correct preparation and suitable water that will bring out the full flavour of the tea. Many households in Great Britain are supplied with hard, limescale-containing water that adversely affects the taste and appearance of tea.

Helmut Körber, Managing Director of Bellima GmbH, a small company based in Halle/Saale, was also annoyed by his cloudy and strange-tasting tea. As a result, his company developed the handy Bellima water fan to enable tea drinkers to enjoy full-flavoured tea at low-cost without having to use accessory equipment (such as table-top and pot filters).

The water fan could hardly be easier to use: It is simply placed in the kettle with the tap water normally used for brewing tea. The fan then extracts the lime-containing constituents from the water, giving it the taste of still mineral water, and enabling the tea to release its full natural flavour. And because it is made of 100% natural materials in addition to being residue-free and biodegradable, the used water fan can be disposed of as waste paper or organic waste. Regular use of the water fan also keeps the kettle clean because it prevents limescale deposits from forming.

For those keen on having the best-possible tea water it represents the longest-lasting water-filtering solution. "Monthly packs" containing 30 fans for the preparation of at least 30 litres of water can be obtained directly from the manufacturer as well as purchased locally from numerous specialty tea shops and selected water stores.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yerba Mate For The Masses

In it's most basic form, yerba mate may never make it with the masses, at least not here in these United States. Chances are it's going to take some sweetening, flavoring and fancy packaging to get it to go over in this part of the world.

Not that Guayaki's not going to give it a try. Already the most notable of yerba mater vendors operating in the U.S., Guayaki hopes to take their products to a wider audience in the future. Guayaki co-founders David Karr and Alex Pryor spoke recently with Bloomberg.com on this and other topics. Read that interview here.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Specialty Tea Importer Expands Retail Presence

Specialty Tea Importer In Pursuit of Tea Expands Retail Presence
(from a press release)

On August 12th, specialty tea importer In Pursuit of Tea opened a new tea café in SoHo. Now, the café has expanded its retail presence with packaged premium loose-leaf teas and a comprehensive range of loose-leaf and matcha teaware. Along with the cold-brewed teas, hand-whisked matcha (powdered Japanese green tea), innovative treats and tea classes for which the café is known, retail products make In Pursuit of Tea the premier destination for good tea (and great tea gifts) in New York City.

The café’s expanded tea selection now includes retail packages of the handcrafted, additive-free teas In Pursuit of Tea sources from around the globe for wholesale clients like Daniel Boulud and Gramercy Tavern. With assistance from the café’s knowledgeable staff, customers can select from about 30 packaged loose-leaf teas (such as Honey Phoenix Oolong made from 100-year-old trees), as well as “thick” and “thin” matchas.

In Pursuit of Tea now retails tea accoutrements suited for beginners (like basic stainless steel tea infuser baskets and sturdy Timolino travel infusers) and connoisseurs (like traditional Yi Xing teapots and gaiwans). Matcha lovers will be pleased to know that the café also carries a full selection of matcha ware, including handmade ceramic matcha bowls, stainless steel matcha sifters and painstakingly crafted matcha whisks.

In Pursuit of Tea makes it easy to give the gift of good tea with three tea-and-teaware gift sets, each packaged in a handsome gift box trimmed with traditional Yunnanese patterned cloth. These range in price from $19 to $55 and in style from beginner to connoisseur. The In Pursuit of Tea staff is also available to create custom gift boxes.

For those in search of more experiential gifts, In Pursuit of Tea offers package deals on tea classes. Previous classes include a tea and cheese pairing with Saxelby Cheesemongers and “Japanese Tea 101” with Japanese Food Report. In Pursuit of Tea’s owner, Sebastian Beckwith, offers these classes as a means of sharing his firsthand knowledge of tea flavor profiles, tea origins and artisan tea processing techniques.

(Photo copyright In Pursuit of Tea, 2010)

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Teavana’s New Harvest

Teavana’s New Harvest – New Teas for 2010 and 2011
(from a press release)

Join us on an adventure through the culture, flavor and inspiration of tea. Teavana climbed the steep mountain tops of China traveling to the birthplace of tea, waded through hustle and bustle of Thailand’s busy tea and spice district, and wandered through the rolling green of the shade grown tea fields in Japan. Teavana, known for procuring the finest loose leaf tea from around the world, is proud to present new tea selections for the 2010-2011 season. This launch includes a combination of flavored white and green teas, single estate oolong and black and a collection of tasty herbal teas.

Teavana’s New Harvest further expands the wonderful flavors and health benefits that make Teavana the most recognized and respected brand in the tea industry. The New Harvest includes teas that are destined to become essentials in your daily tea cup such as Maharaja Chai Oolong (a bold & spicy chai oolong blend), Shanghai Orchid (an exotic floral scented white tea), Blackberry Mojito (a bursting berry green tea with a cool minty finish), and JavaVana Maté (a rich mocha coffee-like maté and black tea blend).


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