Sunday, November 21, 2010

Filter Fans For Clear Tea

Filter Fans For Clear Tea. Simply Practical...
(from a press release)

As tea connoisseurs already know, a good cup of tea calls for correct preparation and suitable water that will bring out the full flavour of the tea. Many households in Great Britain are supplied with hard, limescale-containing water that adversely affects the taste and appearance of tea.

Helmut K├Ârber, Managing Director of Bellima GmbH, a small company based in Halle/Saale, was also annoyed by his cloudy and strange-tasting tea. As a result, his company developed the handy Bellima water fan to enable tea drinkers to enjoy full-flavoured tea at low-cost without having to use accessory equipment (such as table-top and pot filters).

The water fan could hardly be easier to use: It is simply placed in the kettle with the tap water normally used for brewing tea. The fan then extracts the lime-containing constituents from the water, giving it the taste of still mineral water, and enabling the tea to release its full natural flavour. And because it is made of 100% natural materials in addition to being residue-free and biodegradable, the used water fan can be disposed of as waste paper or organic waste. Regular use of the water fan also keeps the kettle clean because it prevents limescale deposits from forming.

For those keen on having the best-possible tea water it represents the longest-lasting water-filtering solution. "Monthly packs" containing 30 fans for the preparation of at least 30 litres of water can be obtained directly from the manufacturer as well as purchased locally from numerous specialty tea shops and selected water stores.

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