Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rishi Tea Launches Botanical Line

Rishi Tea Launches New Botanical Retail Line
(from a press release)

Rishi Tea introduces five organic and caffeine-free herbal teas with new environmentally sensitive packaging to our line of packaged retail tins. Each blend is a unique combination of natural botanicals, spices and fruits formulated for flavor and effect. The collection is available in-stores December 2010 with an additional five herbal teas launching in January 2011.

“Our new herbal teas are inspired by ancient herbal beverages and our constant travel and study of food cultures around the world. We’ve fused traditional remedies with epicurean creativity, premium ingredients and original blending techniques to offer balanced and complex flavors not available elsewhere,” says Joshua Kaiser, Rishi Tea founder and tea buyer.

The Botanical Retail Line features a new package design with hand-drawn illustrations of the ingredients and an easy-peel label that allows for the reuse and recycling of tins. The Line will be available in select Whole Foods Markets nationwide (MSRP $9.99).

Rishi Tea travels the world following each season’s harvest, tasting and sourcing the finest teas, herbs and spices alongside farmers who cultivate them. Individual herbs are chopped, crushed, ground or pounded to release their essential characters, combined in micro-batch blends and cured, allowing the blends to develop a refined
complexity and balance unlike any other.

Gifts for lovers of tea with free wrapping of all items.

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Alex Zorach said...

I like the taste aesthetic that Rishi has cultivated both in their pure teas, flavored teas, and herbal blends; I am eager to try these blends. In my opinion, Rishi consistently delivers unusual blends which taste a lot better than they sound.