Friday, December 31, 2010

Tea Review 113: Rishi Hong Yue

Hong Yue
Rishi Tea

A while back I decided that due to limited time and resources I would confine my tea reviewing to those teas that are truly worth mentioning. Because this is a one-man show and there are so many other more comprehensive review sites out there it seems silly to review everything that comes down the pike.

Rishi's Hong Yue is definitely worth of mention and not just for the novelty factor. But let's talk about that for a moment. Taiwan is best known for it's fine oolong teas and so when a Taiwanese black tea comes along it's worth taking notice. Fortunately Hong Yue does not disappoint.

I can't quite put my finger on what to compare Hong Yue to. I suppose it's closest to a Keemun, but that doesn't quite cut it, as it's quite a bit more flavorful than any Keemuns I've tried. Rishi describes it as having "a distinctive aroma of Clove, Wintergreen, Camphor, Red Date, Raisin and Cinnamon" and I suppose I can concur with that description. Definitely a very aromatic black tea with strong notes of spice and virtually no astringency or bitterness.

In any event, it's one that's worth checking out but be sure to hurry along. Apparently quantities are limited. For more on this tea, from Rishi's blog, take a look at this article. For some thoughts from another reviewer, look here.

Samples and image by Rishi Tea
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