Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tea Master's Association Survey

The Value of Training to Become a Certified Tea Master
(from a press release)

The American Tea Masters Association surveyed several of the Certified Tea Masters who completed its Tea Mastery Certification Course. The course is required for obtaining the prestigious Certified Tea Master™ designation. The purpose of the survey was to determine the value of the training program offered by the association.

Program graduates were asked three questions:

1. What are the most significant benefits you received by completing the Tea Mastery Certification Course?
2. How has the Certified Tea Master designation helped you?
3. How have these benefits affected your tea business or plans to start one?

The results of the survey were universal, inspirational, and empowering. The complete report containing all of the respondents’ answers is on the association’s web site. The association wishes to publicly thank each of the Certified Tea Masters who responded to the survey.

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