Sunday, January 16, 2011

TWG's World Of Tea

As someone with a strong interest in drinking and writing about tea, I find myself clicking through to a whole bunch of tea merchant's web sites. Many of them, quite frankly, are just more of the same - a seemingly random selection of teas that attempts to span the various categories of tea types and perhaps a smattering of teaware and other stuff.

I didn't expect anything different when I went to TWG's site recently but I was pleasantly surprised. They seem to specialize in nicely packaged, somewhat high-falutin' looking gourmet teas, which is all well and good if you go for that sort of thing.

What caught my eye, however, was an interesting selection of loose teas from assorted and sundry points around the world. Many of these are places we don't typically associate with tea production. Among the countries represented, Argentina, Bangladesh, Burma, Georgia, Indonesia, Mozambique, Papa New Guinea (!) and Persia. To take a look at these and more, click here.

Image: TWG Tea

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