Sunday, February 27, 2011

World Tea Expo Highlights 2011 Tea Trends

World Tea Expo Highlights the Hottest 2011 Tea Trends
(from a press release)

With trends like celebrity tea lines, the growth of tea retail outlets and teas being marketed to men and millennials, it's clear that one of the most popular beverages in the world is taking hold as it reaches a new generation, according to World Tea Expo organizers. Some of the tea trends that will be greatly discussed or evident on the show floor at this year's World Tea Expo, June 24 – 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada, include: the growing emergence of tea-specific retailers; sexy, modern tea wares; celebrity tea products; men, millennials and tea; innovative tea packaging; organic teas and sustainability; an emphasis on tea culture; classification from "specialty" to "premium"; and social media to fuel tea's increased popularity.

Major tea trends that will be explored and discussed at 2011 World Tea Expo include:


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Chris said...

Hey Bill, Chris from Tavalon -- i think your video is of the 2009 WTE, not the most recent. I noticed because the dates were wrong!