Thursday, March 17, 2011

ATMA Monthly Group Tea Tastings

ATMA Monthly Group Tea Tastings
(from a press release)

The American Tea Masters Association has launched Continuing Education: Monthly Group Tea Tastings open to all of its Certified Tea Masters and those currently enrolled in one of its training programs. Not only will participants taste and evaluate a superior-grade of tea each month, but they will have the opportunity to share their experience with others using the association's new online audio-visual system.

The tea samples will be delivered each month by San Francisco's world-famous Imperial Tea Court, which selects teas deemed as the most remarkable among the season's new arrivals. It is all part of its Tea of the Month Club. Each shipment will include 2-4 ounces of tea, along with information about that particular tea and brewing recommendations.

Roy Fong is the founder of Imperial Tea Court, the first traditional Chinese teahouse in America. Mr. Fong is regarded as one of the world's top authorities on Chinese and Taiwanese teas. Each year he visits selected tea gardens to supervise all aspects of production: from planting and cultivation to harvesting, processing, and grading.

Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll, executive director of the American Tea Masters Association, will lead the online tea preparation each month. Registrants are encouraged to participate step-by-step Gongfu Cha style.


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