Friday, March 04, 2011

Authentic Teas Brings Ancient Armenian Tea Culture to Tea Drinkers

Authentic Teas Brings Ancient Armenian Tea Culture to the World’s Gourmet Tea Drinkers
(from a press release)

Starting in February 2011, tea drinkers around the world can experience ancient Armenian tea culture as Authentic Teas begins distribution of its wild-crafted herbal teas, harvested and hand-processed in the Armenian highlands. Authentic Teas is a new boutique tea company, a joint venture between Armenian-Canadian Hrant Isbeceryan and Canadian partners.

David Richardson, CFO of Authentic Teas, comments the purity of their teas and the way the company operates makes them unique. “Unlike conventional tea producers, our Authentic Teas are grown and sustainably harvested in the wild; free of chemicals or environmentally harmful production methods.” Harvesting and blending is done entirely by hand, using traditional methods that have been followed for thousands of years. The result, says Richardson, is an outstanding tea experience unparalleled by any other tea in the market.

Tea drinkers want to know more than just a name brand, they want to know the story behind their favorite indulgences so Authentic Teas uses its website to showcase the story of the people and the ancient tea culture of Armenia. “As an avid tea drinker, I was captivated with the story of Armenian tea,” says Richardson. Herbs like oregano, thyme, Linden flowers and mint grow wild in the Armenian highlands. Tea crafting takes place in indigenous village areas, where most of the economic benefits are returned to local artisans, helping ensure that a lifestyle and culture grounded in two thousand years of tradition continues.

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