Sunday, April 03, 2011

Tea Bar Announces Hangover Helping Green Tea

Vital Tea Leaf, San Francisco's Popular Tea Bar Announces Hangover Helping Green Tea
(from a press release)

Curing a hangover has never tasted so good. Vital Tea Leaf, the popular San Francisco tea bar, offers hangover help with their Blue People Ginseng Oolong Tea. The premium tea relieves uncomfortable hangovers with its blend of green tea antioxidants and ginseng. Blue People Ginseng Oolong is one of Vital Tea Leaf's best selling and best tasting natural energy drinks.

Vital Tea Leaf's Blue People Ginseng Oolong tea is high mountain green tea blend with ginseng powder from Taiwan. It carries a very strong sweet aftertaste, and is very aromatic and mellow. Along with relieving hangovers, the tea is used for increasing energy and focus. The tea is fermented and coated with high quality ginseng powder, making it an excellent way to kick start a morning.

Vital Tea Leaf owner Ming explained that green tea also contains many medicinal properties. The tea can be used to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, help diabetes, and to detox the body.

Vital Tea Leaf offers Blue People Ginseng Oolong tea both in store and online at $30 per four ounces.

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