Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tea for iPhone

Tea for iPhone
(from a press release)

Phone Developer Sam Iglesias (@siglesias) and UI designer Mac Tyler (@mactyler) announced today that Tea for iPhone (@teaapp) has been released in Appleʼs iTunes App Store. Tea for iPhone is a new iOS application that gives tea drinkers a convenient way to store their tasting notes and brew settings, with simple one-tap sharing for Facebook and Twitter. Tea also has a built in timer that remembers settings for all inputted teas as well as an Inventory Tracker that automatically calculates how many brews are remaining of each tea. Tea also recognizes over 700 tea names and 15 tea types to provide temperature and steep time suggestions.

“The idea for Tea came a while back when I was struggling to brew a good cup of Gyokuro,” Iglesias said. “I wanted a simple way to keep track of my various brew settings and ratings so that I could hone in on the perfect cup. We didnʼt think any of the App Storeʼs current tea apps fit the bill, so we created our own. Our pre-release response has been breathtaking, and we canʼt wait to get Tea in the hands of thousands of tea drinkers around the world.”

More features are promised to be released as free updates in future versions of Tea. Tea can be downloaded here.

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Trixie and Dustin said...

Very interesting, yet it seems more complicated to run the app than to make tea; but it does look fun. Saving one's tasting notes is a real bonus. Curious thing: when one looks at the iTunes page for this app, the example shown is "Earl Gray" -- ouch!! Someone needs to check their spelling... Best wishes to the creators, amy they enjoy success with their app.

Bob Lajes said...

I've been using it for two weeks now. totally hooked on it. It makes for a great and simple way to catalog your tea as well as standardize and improve your brew!