Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rishi Tea Wins Packaging Award

Rishi Tea Wins Best New Packaging
(from a press release)

Rishi Tea is Winner Best New Product – Packaging from for its line of Organic and Fair Trade Chai at the 23rd Annual SCAA Event in Houston. Rishi Tea’s line of Chai retail tins was launched at the Milwaukee Public Market in October 2010. The line consists of five flavors: Masala, West Cape, Green Tea, Chocolate and Vanilla. The Specialty Coffee Event hosted over 8,000 people April 29 - May 1 this year. Coffee roasters and retailers, tea buyers, culinary professionals, and many more gathered in Houston, TX to view the newest innovations and trends in the coffee industry. Judges in the
packaging category based their “Best New Packaging” decision on innovation, design and value to the industry.

The Chai line was the beginning of an ongoing process to upgrade designs and continuously minimize the environmental impact of Rishi Tea’s retail packaging. All of Rishi Tea’s tins are now printed on “easy-peel” labels that can be removed, thereby allowing the tins to be reused or recycled efficiently. The labels feature hand drawn illustrations of the actual ingredients used in each of the chais. The colors of each tin are inspired by the vibrant hues found in Indian culture, giving these tins instant shelf appeal. Customers are also allowed a sneak peak of what’s inside each tin with the signature tea circle photograph on the side of the label.

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