Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's Your Desert Island Tea?

Your three-hour tour didn't go so well and you're kicking back on the island, lashing tree trunks together with vines. You've got good quality water, a way to heat it and something to heat it in. So what one tea would you want to have on the island with you and why? If you'd like to weigh in on this important question, leave your response in the comments section.

Since I'm the one that brought it up, I'll start things off. I find that when I drink too much black tea I crave green tea and vice versa. So ideally, I'd like to have a green tea and a black tea with me on my desert island. But since that's against the rules I'll narrow it down.

While I think I probably would get less tired of a Chinese green tea than any black tea, the prospect of drinking a really great Assam for a good long while is quite appealing. So I'll go with the Nahorhabi Estate FTGFOP1 SPL CL, that I ordered from Upton Tea Imports a few years back. For more thoughts on this one, check out my review.

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Dan said...

Wow...I honestly don't think I would be able to make a decision on what tea I would be able to bring with me. I would most likely have to go with a fruity tea. My two favorites are a Blueberry Rooibos tea from Rishi or Palm Beach Punch from this new company I found, Tiesta Tea. Gosh, why can't you just make it easier and say we can bring two! haha

Assistant said...

Great question.. that is tough! I am currently really enjoying Yogi tea, especially the Green Tea Pomegranate. They have products for every mood or purpose you need.

Dan-is Tiesta new? I have not heard of it.


sarah said...

I got a sneak taste of some Dark Peony (a black version of the classic) that the ladies from Adagio brought back from their visits to the farms in China. If I had to decide today, this would be my desert island tea, but I'm glad this is only hypothetical!