Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tiny Tidy Teapot Turns Heads

Tiny Tidy Teapot Turns Heads at World Tea Expo
(from a press release)

Napa Valley entrepreneurs Ron and Suzan Sculatti were delighted to learn that their single-serving One Touch Teapot was voted Best New Product For 2011 by the World Tea Expo. Uniquely engineered to provide a perfect cup every time, the contemporary borosilicate glass vessel turned more than a few heads and took top honors in the teaware category amongst stiff competition.

Brew a perfect cup every time:

The ingenious vessel, which made its debut this past January, is the first product being offered by the TeaTimeTrading Company and appears to be a hit straight out of the box. The contemporary styled borosilicate glass pot is offered in two designs – one with a traditional spout and one with a modern brim profile. The BPA free plastic infuser has a stainless steel filter and is perfect for loose or bagged tea. Simply add the tea to the infuser, pour in boiling water and close the locking lid. The ingenious glass design allows the user to keep an eye on the brewing process, and release the tea from the chamber when the desired strength is reached with the push of a button.

Simple and easy to use:

A perfect 8oz. brew can be repeated to create up to 16oz. of tea in a serving. And best of all, since the tea leaves are separated from the liquid as soon as the steeping is complete, there is no over brewing and no bitter after taste. To clean, simply remove the infuser, discard the tea and rinse. Both pieces are top shelf dishwasher safe.

Available now online and through approved retailers:

The One Touch Teapot is an ideal solution for anyone seeking a perfect cup of tea. MSRP of $30, available online at

Tea Guy Speaks Amazon Store

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Wow, interesting product. Is it available now?

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