Sunday, June 23, 2013

Green Tea for Dogs?

So it's come to this. I recently ran across an article at the eHow site which purports to reveal The Benefits of Green Tea for Dogs. Now far be it from me to say that your darling little pup will not realize any benefits from tossing back a cup of sencha or jasmine pearls every now and then, because who really knows?

Among the claims put forth in the article, that green tea may help boost your dog's immune system and even protect the little bowser from cancer. Once again, who's to say? On the flip side, as the article notes, "it is also possible for your dog to die of an overdose of green tea." Not that I'm itching to test this one, but really?

Speaking of dogs and tea, while you're at it why not check out How to Cure Diarrhea in Dogs With Black Tea. Or watch this video of a group of dogs fortifying themselves with tea. It's a ruff life.

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Alex Zorach said...

I would be extremely skeptical of this. The lethal dose of caffeine in dogs is much, much lower than in humans. And even if you are well below the lethal dose, too much caffeine can be very unpleasant and produce negative impacts on health.

Dogs do not naturally eat many plant-based foods; unlike humans which are omnivores, dogs are carnivores, and what is healthy for us is not necessarily healthy for them.

I'd also be skeptical that this is a fad. There's hardly enough evidence on the connection between green tea and lowered cancer risk in humans...and this is a topic that has been studied quite extensively. I'm worried that this is just more hype, an ill-conceived attempt for someone to cash in on the public perception that green tea = healthy.