Thursday, July 14, 2011

Layers of Tea

Perhaps I'm just leading a sheltered life but this is the first time I've been exposed to the notion of layered tea. It came to my attention recently thanks to a post in one of the Wall Street Journal's blogs. It's a brief article that recounts the story of the inventor of a seven-layered tea. This is apparently a rarity of sorts, given that others have not been able to manage anything more than five layers. Check out the article (and a better photo) here.

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Assistant said...

Great information thanks for sharing. I have never heard of layered tea either. How do they get it to layer?


Alex Zorach said...

This is rather amusing! I've seen (and consumed) layered alcoholic drinks, which are relatively easy to make because alcohol has a significantly lower weight than water, so drinks of different alcohol contents can be mixed in such a way that they will remain separate for quite some time. The top layer can often be lit on fire (as the highest-alcohol layer must reside on top).

This probably works off a similar principle...adding things to the various layers so that some are heavier than others. Oils and fats are usually much lighter than water, and I suspect that is what's going on here--the top layers look like they may contain some fat or oils; note the bottom layer is the clearest.