Monday, July 04, 2011

Numi Organic Pu-erh Iced Tea

Numi Organic Tea First To Market Organic Pu-erh Iced Tea
(from a press release)

Premium tea purveyor, Numi Organic Tea, has continued its tradition of innovation by introducing the industry’s first Organic Pu-erh Tea as ready-to-drink iced tea.

Known for its unique, earthy flavor, Pu-erh is transformed into a light and refreshing iced tea offered in six flavors: Jasmine, Peach, Moroccan Mint, Earl Grey, Mango Passion and Classic Pu-erh.

Numi’s Organic Pu-erh Iced Tea has three times the antioxidants and 40% less sugar than leading green and black iced teas. Pu-erh is an ancient healing tea picked from 500-year-old organic wild tea trees in Yunnan, China. Pu-erh tea leaves are piled, dampened and turned in a unique 60-day fermentation process. This results in Pu-erh’s deep earthy flavor and many health benefits that have been touted for thousands of years.

Numi Organic Pu-erh Iced Tea’s is available for an SRP of $1.99. They are sold at Whole Foods Markets Northeast and Whole Foods Market South, Fairway Markets in New York City, Lunds & Bylerly’s, Ahold, Cost Plus World Markets nationwide as well as online at

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Assistant said...

Sounds delicious. When did they become available and do you know if they have plans for more stores/locations?

What is the CLassic Pu-erh flavor? just plain tea or what?

Thanks for sharing this post! Cant wait to try it