Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tea Connoisseurs Herald Arrival of New Company

Tea Connoisseurs Herald Arrival of New Company, Rare Tea Republic
(from a press release)

Rare Tea Republic, a company that curates fresh teas from the world's finest tea gardens, was launched today. Rare Tea Republic works directly with artisans around the world to select small lots and procure single estate teas that best express the character of the terroir. Rare Tea Republic's tea collection launched with nineteen teas from single estates throughout Northern India and the Himalayan Mountain region including: Darjeeling, Kangra, Sikkam, Assam, Bihar and Nepal. Rare Tea Republic teas range from $6 to $30 for 50 grams and are hand-packed by weight in resealable bags.

By visiting countries of origin multiple times a year, Rare Tea Republic has developed deep relationships with tea growers and source directly from them. The teas in the Rare Tea Republic collection will be continually updated throughout the year to deliver the freshest, most unique selection of single estate full-leaf teas to consumers.

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Alex Zorach said...

This company definitely got my attention when I checked out its offerings. It's encouraging to see artisan teas being produced in the Himalayan region outside of just Darjeeling; I have unfortunately only tried a small number of teas from these regions but so far, relative to the number of Darjeelings I've sampled, but I have been impressed and I hope these areas continue to gain prominence in the coming years.