Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tea Review 126 - Teavivre Dragon Well

Dragon Well (Long Jing)

I've never met a Dragon Well I didn't like, but I've run across a few that were kind of bland. Fortunately this Long Jing from Teavivre rises above all that. Teavivre's site claims that Dragon Well tea was the variety that was served to the late President Richard Nixon on his groundbreaking visit to China some years back. I'm not sure what old Tricky Dick thought about it but if it was as good as this one he had nothing to complain about.

Here's an excerpt from what Teavivre has to say about their Dragon Well:

A great example of one of China's top teas, affordable enough to drink every day
Grown in Xihu near Hangzhou in province Zhejiang
Flattened tea leaves, with one bud and one or two leaves
Pale green yellow when brewed
A subtle, rich, orchid like taste and aroma, with no hint of bitterness

Sample provided by Teavivre
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