Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tea Review 136 - Le Palais des Thés Bao Zhong Imperial

Bao Zhong Imperial
Le Palais des Thés

Most of the tea I drink is either black or green. I tend to forget about oolong sometimes but then I run across something like Bao Zhong Imperial, by Le Palais des Thés, and I realize that I need to expand my horizons more often. While I'm not very fond of the heavier, more fermented oolongs I do quite like the lighter varieties. Le Palais des Thés claims that this one is about ten percent fermented and it's got a very delicate but pleasant aroma and a flavor to match. While it doesn’t quite match up to my favorite green and black teas I'd have no problem drinking it on a regular basis.

Here's what Le Palais des Thés has to say about this one:

This is one of the most celebrated teas from Taiwan. Its name means "wrapped in paper" in Chinese, because the tea is wrapped in white cotton paper before fermentation to preserve the delicacy of its leaves. A beautiful tea with large, twisted leaves that produces a straw-yellow liquor with a flowery, almost peppery taste, it evokes narcissus and jasmine flowers with a perfect blend of green and sweet notes. Should be enjoyed according to the rules of Gong Fu Cha. Low in caffeine.

Sample provided by Le Palais des Thés
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