Saturday, June 02, 2012

Tea — India’s National Drink?

In addition to publishing Tea Guy Speaks, I'm a regular contributor to The English Tea Store blog. Here's an article I recently wrote for them. Click the link to read the full article.

Tea — India’s National Drink?
By William I. Lengeman III

It seems like a natural assumption that people who live in countries that grow a lot of tea drink more of it than those in other countries. But it’s not always true. The Chinese, who grow more tea than any other nation, are ranked 33rd on the list of tea consumption on a per capita basis. As for India, the world’s second largest tea growing country, they rank 53rd on the list, drinking an average of just over a pound of tea per person per year. For some perspective on the matter, consider that the world’s top tea drinkers, in the United Arab Emirates, average nearly fourteen pounds of tea a year.


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