Saturday, November 23, 2013

Star Trek's Captain Picard On Earl Grey Tea

I've never been a fan of the liquid perfume that's better known as Earl Grey tea, but of course we all like what we like. Here's a short clip in which Captain Picard, of Star Trek: The Next Generation, professes his fondness for it. Which leads to the obvious question - what would Kirk drink?

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Tea Foodie [by Zanitea] said...

Love it! I'm a Star Trek fan. I think Kirk would drink something more masculine, less floral. Maybe Lapsang Souchong, although that would be tricky to say on camera.

garyrobson said...

I suppose I could see Kirk drinking a lapsang souchong, although I'd picture him more as drinking a straight, strong, non-pretentious, possibly oversteeped Ceylon.

pibblelove said...

No, Kirk is a coffee man. As for Earl Grey tea, love the fragrance (smells like a man's cologne to me) but hate the taste.