Monday, August 20, 2012

Tea Review 143 - Paisley Tea Co. English Breakfast

Organic English Breakfast
Paisley Tea Co.

I have mixed feelings about English Breakfast tea. I'm always happy to sample almost any type of black tea, but when it comes to English Breakfast I can't help being prepared, deep down inside, to be disappointed. If I drank my black tea with milk and sugar I might not find myself disappointed quite as often but drinking it straight up brings out every nuance of flavor - or lack thereof.

Having said all that I'll now say that I found this Organic English Breakfast, by Paisley Tea Co., to be somewhere around the middle of the range for black tea. It has little of the harshness or bitterness of lesser blacks but it doesn't quite measure up to the fuller flavors of the really great ones. Then again, it's probably not fair to expect it to do so.

I tried blending this with a higher quality single-estate black tea, to make the latter go a little further, and that worked out quite nicely. I suspect it would also respond well to the milk and sugar treatment, if that's your preference. Here's what Paisley Tea Co. has to say about it:

If you want a proper cuppa', this tea hits the spot. As a specialised blend of Indian and African teas, our Organic English Breakfast Tea is traditional, but approachable. We love it in the morning with a splash of milk.

These are traditional English-style paper teabags with tea that's Organic and Fair Trade certified.

Image: Paisley Tea Co./Two Leaves

Sample provided by Paisley Tea Co./Two Leaves
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