Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tea Review 146 - Peony Tea S. Huangshan Furry Peak

Huangshan Furry Peak
Peony Tea S.

As a general rule I've found that Japanese green tea tends to be more boldly flavored, while Chinese green tea is more subtle. I'm sure there are exceptions but if you need any evidence for the latter you might want to consider Huangshan Furry Peak, by Peony Tea S.

At first I found this to be so subtly flavored that I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But after I adjusted my palate (which is conditioned to quite a lot of heavy black tea) I found that I liked it quite a bit. I know that some people who are new to green tea have trouble with the lighter varieties and they obviously wouldn't be the best customers for this tea. But anyone who's conditioned to this sort of thing might want to give it a shot.

Here's what Peony Tea S. has to say about this one:

Perpetually shrouded in cloud and mist, the beautiful Huangshan which is translated literally as ‘Yellow Mountain’ is the origin of one of the most beloved and well-known green tea in China- the Huangshan Furry Peak. Just like its place of origin, this delightful green tea is truly a work of art, simultaneously soothing and exciting the drinker. Green teas are considered in Traditional Chinese Medicine terminology as ‘cooling’ so instead of reaching for your soda, try this sugarless all natural alternative instead. The recurring sweetness will fill your throat long after your last drop.

Image: Peony Tea S.
Sample provided by Peony Tea S.
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