Friday, October 12, 2012

Tea Review 147 - Peony Tea S. Phoenix Dancong

Phoenix Dancong - Honey Orchid
Peony Tea S.

I have to admit that Peony's Phoenix Dancong didn't really do much for me - at first. Normally that would be the end of the story but I decided to give this one another try and found out that I like it rather well after all. The difference in these subsequent tastings was that I dialed back a bit on the steeping time and temperature and I also used a bit less leaf.

What I ended up with after all of this was a tea that falls at the lighter end of the oolong spectrum - which is where I like them. It had all of the smooth and fragrant notes of those varieties with a prominent note in there somewhere that I couldn't quite identify but that was interesting nonetheless.

Here's what the merchant has to say about it:

The sweet fragrance of honey juxtaposed against beguiling orchid- what a beguiling combination. Throw in a full-bodied, viscous texture and strong 'recurring sweetness' (hui gan), you can understand why this is the most popular and well-known variety from the Phoenix Dancong family.

Image: Peony Tea S.
Sample provided by Peony Tea S.
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