Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tea Review 149 - Tozy Tea Up North!

Up North!
Tozy Tea

This one will be short and sweet. There's not much to go on with Tozy's description of their Up North! black tea. They refer to it as "A Bold Blend of Black Tea" and "Handpicked Chinese black tea." I'm guessing that it's primarily Yunnan. What I have no doubt about is that I liked this one quite a bit. The truest test of how much I like a tea is how long it lingers in my tea cabinet after I receive it. This one was out of there in nearly record time. Good stuff. That's all.

Image: Tozy Tea
Sample provided by Tozy Tea

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Christopher Enge said...

Thanks for the kind words and kudos on an excellent guess as to origin. It's a blend from the Yunnan and Anhui provinces.