Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tea Review 150 - Whittard Assam Hazelbank

Assam Hazelbank
Whittard of Chelsea

To paraphrase that old slogan for the Marines, I'm looking for a few good Assams - always. I've had the pleasure of trying a few good ones lately and Whittard of Chelsea's Assam Hazelbank was yet another. Not all Assam tea is created equal, as I've said many, many times, with the lesser ones tending toward bitterness and a distinct lack of flavor. Not so with this one, which was quite flavorful and with a "classic" Assam tea (whatever that means).

Here's what the merchant had to say about this one:

This small and picturesque garden produces one of the world’s best teas. This tea was named after Hazel, the daughter of state official, Dr Mead. The richness, size and colour of its tips make Hazelbank an all-time favourite.

Image: Whittard of Chelsea
Sample provided by Whittard of Chelsea

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