Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Tea Review 151 - English Tea Leaves English Breakfast

English Breakfast
English Tea Leaves

My year in tea ended with a bang this time around, with a rather vast bounty of samples of black tea being shipped in from assorted and sundry merchants. I'm not going to dwell much more on my love for black tea - I've beaten that dead horse rather thoroughly. But I really do love it.

Here's what English Tea Leaves has to say about their English Breakfast. My comments to follow:

Our English breakfast tea, which we call Tealeaves Breakfast, has been our #1 selling tea for the last 9 years. We make it using our own custom blend of Indian and Ceylonese black teas.

Which is not very specific as far as the origins of the teas that make up this blend, but that's kind of beside the point since it was one of the better English Breakfast blends that I've had the good fortune to sample. I'd guess that there's a good bit of Assam in this one, but what do I know? In any event, I can certainly see why this is a bestseller.

Image: English Tea Leaves
Sample provided by English Tea Leaves

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English Tealeaves said...

Rob of English Tealeaves:

Glad you liked our English Breakfast blend - mainly Assam, together with a Ceylon and a Nilgiri.