Sunday, January 06, 2013

Tea Review 152 - Canton Tea Club Oolong

Xing Ren Dan Cong
Li Shan
Ali Shan
Hawaiian Makua Oolong

Canton Tea Club

I've never been a prolific tea reviewer. As you can see from the fact that this site has been around for seven-plus years and this is only review number 152. So while I welcome the fact that Canton Tea Club has been sending samples from their tea of the week program, there's no way I can ever hope to review them all.

But I would like to mention a few of the teas they've sent over the past few weeks, many of which seem to be of the oolong variety. If I were just a little bit more organized I'd have put together tasting notes on each of these five teas but alas, I have failed.

What I will say is that I liked all of these quite a bit and they're all worth your while. If you twisted my arm I guess I'd say that I liked the Li Shan and Ali Shan best, followed by the Pouchong. It was also interesting to try the Hawaiian Makua Oolong, which is just one of a number of samples of Hawaiian tea that have come to me by way of the club.

Image: Canton Tea Club
Sample provided by Canton Tea Club

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