Sunday, May 05, 2013

Some Quirky Teahouses

Here's another article I recently wrote for The English Tea Store blog.

Some Quirky Teahouses
By William I. Lengeman III

Oh, the teahouse. According to one informed source, the number of tea houses here in these good old United States alone is somewhere around three thousand, a huge jump from a modest number about a decade and a half ago. Worldwide, there’s no telling how many tea houses there but “a whole bunch” or “more than you can shake a stick at” are probably not far off the mark.

With all the tea houses out there already and more coming to life every day it’s not surprising that some of them would fall into the offbeat category. We took a look at some of these a few months back and earlier this year we considered tea houses run by exalted rock and roll personages as...


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