Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Hollow Woman" Lipton Ice Tea Commercial (Guatemala)

I'm not real keen on the tea but you've got to give them points for the special effects.

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Adolf Hitler Teakettle? Really?

Slow news day? From the CBS site, "A J.C. Penney billboard in California has stirred up controversy after some say the tea kettle in the advertisement looks like Adolf Hitler. KCBS-TV's Dave Lopez reports."

I have to confess I don't see it. But it was apparently good for business. Maybe it's finally time to roll out my line of Josef Stalin duvet covers.

For more on this Hitler teakettle thing, here's an article I wrote recently at the Taste of English Tea site.

Also, from the good people at Roadside America, an older piece on Adolf Hitler's Tea Service, which resides in the Berman Museum of World History in Anniston, Alabama. As the text notes, Hitler was apparently not very keen on tea, but kept the service on hand for the benefit of guests. More info here.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Green Tea for Dogs?

So it's come to this. I recently ran across an article at the eHow site which purports to reveal The Benefits of Green Tea for Dogs. Now far be it from me to say that your darling little pup will not realize any benefits from tossing back a cup of sencha or jasmine pearls every now and then, because who really knows?

Among the claims put forth in the article, that green tea may help boost your dog's immune system and even protect the little bowser from cancer. Once again, who's to say? On the flip side, as the article notes, "it is also possible for your dog to die of an overdose of green tea." Not that I'm itching to test this one, but really?

Speaking of dogs and tea, while you're at it why not check out How to Cure Diarrhea in Dogs With Black Tea. Or watch this video of a group of dogs fortifying themselves with tea. It's a ruff life.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Old Punjana Tea Commercial (Ireland)

Classic or just old? I'm not sure how old this Punjana Tea commercial is but it looks like a goes back a few years - or decades. Though the name might suggest otherwise Punjana is actually an Irish tea company. A heads up to the good people at, where I first ran across this one.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oishi Boobs Green Tea Commercial (Thailand)

Here's one of the more offbeat tea commercials loosed on the public. For more on the (dubious?) connection between tea and boobs see this brief post I wrote a few years ago.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Joko Tea (South Africa) Commercial

Gifts for lovers of tea with free wrapping of all items.

Is Ceylon Tea an Aphrodisiac?

Here's another article I recently wrote for The English Tea Store blog.

Is Ceylon Tea an Aphrodisiac?
By William I. Lengeman III

I’ve heard my share of extravagant claims for tea over the course of the years. Most of the time I just move on (nothing to see here). Once in a while I pause to engage in a bit of contemplative inner ridicule for a few moments, but every now and then I have to stop and comment on one.

The shrewd reader of headlines will have already surmised that I’m going to talk about Ceylon tea‘s alleged powers as an aphrodisiac. Which is a new one on me, by the way and one that popped up recently in a few news outlets, including this...


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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Acrobatic Chinese Tea Pouring Video

Don't try this at home. At least not with a couple rolls of paper towels or a big sponge on hand. And of course you'll have to track down one of those teapots with the extra long spout.

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Teastorks Kickstarter

If you have a tea-related Kickstarter (or other crowd-funded) project feel free to send word and we may mention it here on the site. Here's the video for a project from the people at Teastorks, who are trying to get a tea delivery service underway over there on the right side of the Atlantic. Here's a link to the project.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

How to Make a Proper English Tea

Promises that after you've watched it you'll be "fully Qualified to make an English Cup of Tea." You're welcome.

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Sunday, June 02, 2013