Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tea Review 154 - The Republic of Tea Organic Assam Breakfast

Organic Assam Breakfast Black Full-Leaf Tea
The Republic of Tea

Here's the description Republic of Tea gives for their Organic Assam:

The robust, malty character of this tea comes from pure, unblended Assam leaves grown in Northern India. Plentiful golden tips on leaves & hearty body qualify this tea at the top of its class. This tea was also a winner in the North American Tea Championship Assam Tea category.

It's a champion and it tastes like one and I could pretty much tell that from the moment I opened the canister and was hit by the aroma. The dry leaves had a kind of faintly spicy smell - spicy in the manner of cinnamon or nutmeg - and I actually doublechecked to make sure that this wasn't a flavored tea. It's not but it did have a the great full flavor one hopes for in a topnotch Assam.

It might not be the best of all the Assam teas I've tasted over the years but this one definitely ranks near the top of the heap. Recommended.

Image: The Republic of Tea
Sample provided by The Republic of Tea

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