Sunday, February 01, 2015

Two Versions of How to Make Matcha Tea

There's no shortage of videos on how to prepare the powdered green Japanese tea known as matcha. Here are two of them. In the first, Dr. Andrew Weil's colleague, Dr. Jim Nicolai, shows how he does it. The second comes from Eric Gower, of the high-end matcha purveyor, Breakaway Matcha.

Teas Hope - Tea Shop

Matcha & Gyokuro Green Tea Processing

Adagio Teas - Best Tea Online

Matcha: The Way of Tea

From DoMatcha:

A travel style mini-documentary that uncovers the history, production and future of matcha tea. This spectacular journey takes you from amazing organic mountain tea fields, stunning forestscapes, and the natural spring fed wells of Kagoshima, to the bustling tea shop filled streets of ancient Uji City, Kyoto.

The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker